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In 1998 Nelson's Buildings opened their first location in Gainesville Florida. Over 2 decades later, Nelson's Buildings is established as a well-respected, trusted company in the industry.

Its never easy to ascend the industrys standards, with humble beginnings and not much outside help. Nelsons Buildings does just that by offering the best built, best price, and best service. We feel like all of our customers deserve to buy a building from a company that can be trusted. You can trust the Nelson name, because as soon as you purchase one of their products, you become a part of the family. Youre in the right place, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the rare experience we can offer you in todays business climate.


We meet local regulations and wind codes.


We only sell the highest quality products on the market.


Whenever you buy our product, you become part of the family.


From a single carport to a double, fully enclosed garage, our 12 24 wide units are the most economical and highest quality units on the market. We can install for free in Florida, and even all over the Southeast, USA.

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We realize the specific requirement for storage can vary from customer to customer. For this reason, we build portable buildings to meet virtually any size storage demand. From the smallest to the largest, we will provide the ideal size portable building to meet your storage needs.

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Custom, sustainable, and of the utmost quality.

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Sit back, relax, clear your mind from work, traffic and everyday stress. Enjoy yourself in the comfort of your own back yard in one of our gazebos built to suit your needs. Our gazebos are lovingly built with quality materials and craftsmanship. These gazebos can be pre-built.

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We have the size and the options to meet all of your growing demands and requirements. The competitive cost and pleasing appearance of our greenhouse will make it a welcome addition to your backyard or commercial nursery.

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Best Built, Best Price, Best Service.
Top-notch product and customer service.

Daniel arrived promptly on a Friday evening after my garage became inoperable. After replacing two springs and some final tuning I was out the door in 30 minutes.

Ali W.St. Louis, MO

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